The Missing Hancocks: Live in Edinburgh!

‘McNally plays Hancock with buffoonish aplomb, ad-libbing and connecting with the audience with consummate ease. Close your eyes and you could well be listening to Hancock himself.

McNally is ably supported by Simon Greenall, Susy Kane, Alex Lowe and Robin Sebastian, who turns in a show-stealing performance as Kenneth Williams…. Laugh-out-loud funny.’

‘A gold mine of the very best of vintage comedy… The jokes tumble over each other in rapid fire succession providing not only a fitting tribute to the original scripts and performers, but also as a challenge to contemporary comedians that they should dare to be so good.’ ★★★★★ EDINBURGH GUIDE

‘Robin Sebastian shines as Kenneth Williams... You can't fault the Galton and Simpson scripts, so I'm not even going to try. The comedy is still as fresh as it was back then...' ★★★★ THE LIST

‘The superb Kevin McNally as The Lad Himself… The scripts still sparkle… A delight.’ ★★★★ THE INDEPENDENT

★★★★ THE HERALD                                     ★★★★ FEST
★★★★ BROADWAY BABY                            ★★★★ ARTS AWARD VOICE

‘Truly entertaining… An astounding performance.’

‘They just don’t write them like that anymore I’m afraid. Thoroughly recommended.’  FRINGE REVIEW 

BBC Radio 4’s smash hit – live! Hancock's Half Hour, lovingly recreated. The classic radio comedy made household names of Hancock, Kenneth Williams and Sid James, running to 102 episodes. But 20 are missing from the BBC archives, and haven't been heard since the 1950s. Last summer five episodes were re-recorded by the BBC, to great critical acclaim. Now Neil Pearson directs another four, two in each show.

Starring Kevin McNally as The Lad Himself and a stellar cast that includes Susy Kane, Alex Lowe, Simon Greenall and Robin Sebastian.

Show A (odd days): The Winter Holiday and New Year Resolutions.
Show B (even days): Prime Minister Hancock and The Three Sons.
5 - 30 August (excluding the 17)
Assembly Rooms (Venue 20)


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